Start Small, Dream Big.
— Nikki Smith

Welcome to KYDZ Drama School.

"This isn't just a club, this is an education in the performing arts."

I hope that you find this website useful, and it highlights the passion I have for the performing arts and my enthusiasm for sharing this with young people.

KYDZ was founded in Summer 2016 with the aim to allow children the opportunity to access the Arts through fun, engaging and creative workshops.  What initially began as a Summer school programme soon became weekly workshops for children aged 6+.  These sessions focused on skills such as confidence and communication, with the ambitious dream of writing and directing new work and giving the students a platform to perform.

Within the first three months I realised that my ambition wasn't out of reach due to the amazing commitment and talents which my students displayed each week.  I was totally taken aback by the energy, focus and determination, and wow, when they sang it literally brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

This was the moment that I knew that my saying "Start Small, Dream Big" made more sense than I originally thought!  It wasn't just about the Company starting small, only growing through word-of-mouth, or that maybe one day KYDZ would be 'the place to be seen' (I actually still want this to be the case), now it was about making sure that young people had an opportunity to access the performing arts because they have so much to say and give, and have bags of talent too!

Children have the most amazing imaginations, and my job is to now access this and bring it to life.  I  feel privileged to play my part in this process each week. 


Now, we aim to produce two shows a year,  visit the theatre to explore and appreciate professional performance, produce new material and devise our own work. 

KYDZ new classes will allow for more age related workshops.  It's an exciting time!

My ambitions are huge for KYDZ, so watch this space.





Born in Oxford and attended school in Abingdon, Oxon.

Studied for a BA Hons degree in Theatre and Media Drama in Wales before attending University of Leeds to gain QTS in Drama.

Head of Performing Arts, Trinity School, Teignmouth.

First Aid qualified.

DBS cleared.

Moved to Devon in 2015.

Lives in Kingsteignton.