Mini-KYDZ -Monday 4.15-5pm

Mini KYDZ is aimed at children aged 4-6 years old with the primary aim to develop confidence, communication and positive interaction.  These aspects are brought together in fun, energetic workshops which focus on all three performance disciplines- drama, dance and singing. 

Praise and positive reassurance in a small class (maximum of 8) allows for personal growth and the freedom to be creative through exploration. 

KYDZ - Monday 5-6pm

  • These sessions are for students aged 6-10 years. Set-up to supplement the drama provision at primary school for those with a keen interest in acting, dance and singing. KYDZ Drama School embraces this passion and nurtures each child’s development though fun energetic workshops. We focus on:

  • Choreography.

  • Preparation for auditions.

  • Solo opportunities.

  • Group script work.

  • Exploring a range of different genres.

  • Acting for the stage.

SENIOR ACADEMY - Monday 6-7pm

Aimed at students aged 10-16 years. Senior KYDZ focuses on developing Performing Arts technique as much as it provides a safe, social environment. Targeting techniques required in the GCSE and BTEC specification, Seniors get an opportunity to explore new ideas and challenge the world around them through social drama, whilst developing leadership skills during each project. Ownership and freedom to create, write, devise and improvise are all skills crammed into our hourly sessions. Although the main genre focus is Musical Theatre, we also explore a variety of other genres and different playwrights with the purpose to challenge and extend knowledge.